Monday, August 18, 2008

First Shot At This

I've recently decided that I needed to make an effort to be more active, with-it, current or whatever is the correct description. The whole blogging, texting, facebook, link, myspace stuff has taken over and I haven't kept up.

I have to admit that the Facebook thing has been kind of cool. I've just started but I've already "linked" or whatever it's called with several friends that I haven't spoken to in decades. People that I didn't even think would remember me have either requested or responded to "friendship requests".

It just blows me away how far we've come in such a short time. Just twenty years ago, we didn't have little cell phones (I have two in my shirt work and one personal), Wikipedia, things that can link you to long-lost friends with just a couple of key strokes and I remember when email was just starting and you had to have a huge string of characters to send one. And texting; damn. I watch my godchildren and 22 yr old secretary texting and it just blows me away. The can be talking to me and texting a friend at the same time...never once looking at their phone. I have gotten a lot better about being able to use it and I have to admit that it is handy. But my goddaughter had over 2,000 texts in one month. Read a book or something!! Anyway, if I have a particularly long text to send, I hand my phone to my secretary and have her take dictation...and she can entering it as fast as I can talk.

So, I, trying to stay current. Facebook and blogging are my first attempts (unless you count the cell phone) so even though I'm losing my hair at an alarming rate, I'm jumping into this big, vast jumble with both feet.

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