Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Questions and Answers

So, I've recently been given a list of questions to answer. Some are easy but some required a bit more thought. One of these was "what would your best friend say about you?"...that one definitely fits into the more thought category. Before I could answer that, I'd have to figure out who my best friend is. There is an apparent, easy answer but scratching the surface, the matter becomes more muddy. In the traditional sense, I have the "friend" that is closest to me...certainly a best friend. However, I also have Kevin. More than a mere "friend" but he certainly fits all of the criteria. My parents?? Not traditionally included in that list but again, certainly they fit. My sibling? My dogs? Best friend from high school? Best friend from college? Best friend from work?

I'm really not sure how to qualify the title of "best friend" so...I hope that all of the people/quasi-people on that long list would tag me with the attributes of: kind, loving, thoughtful, supportive, a good listener, funny, etc etc etc. But that's not really the kind of thing that you can go up and ask someone without looking a little compliment hungry. So, I prefer to go through life believing that the people I love love me just as much.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Okay, so, I've been away from this for a LONG time. However, as some of you may know (and by some I mean nobody), my parental units are living abroad again so the primary form of communication is email. I recently relayed a story that my mother thought was funny enough to post on my blog. I figured, why not. So here is the initial entry in my blogging comeback.

I do need to provide a bit of backstory however. When in the U.K. and ordering fish-n-chips (especially in the more backwater areas), they ask if you want brown sauce. The first time I encountered this question, I asked what it was and received only a blank stare. I like to be adventurous and immerse myself in local culture so I said "sure". I liked the brown sauce and always asked for it with my fish-n-chips. However, since it's a bit of an enigma with the Brits, I sure as hell was never able to describe it, much less find it, in the States.

My partner and I went grocery shopping last weekend when I made a WONDERFUL discovery. What follows is the conversation regarding said discovery:

Me: Hey Kev...
Me: Hey Kev...
Me: Yo Kevin!!!
Kev: What?
Me: Look what I found.
Kev: What is it?
Me: Brown Sauce.
Kev: What is it?
Me: Brown Sauce.
Kev: Okay, what IS it?
Me: I don't know...Brown Sauce.
Kev: What's it made of?
Me: I DON'T know...it's Brown Sauce.
Kev: What do you do with it?
Me: Put it on fish.
Kev: What's it taste like?
Me: Brown Sauce.

At that point, he turned around and left. I suppose the moral of the story is that Brown Sauce is only a WONDERFUL discovery to those familiar with the wonderfulness of Brown Sauce. I'm still stoked despite the lackluster response. I'll post Kevin's response after I convince him to taste it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bella, Destruction and further adventures

So, before I start the next installment of the stories that apparently, only I like, I have to relate an event from last night. Kevin and I were in the study looking at something on the computer. Bella and Banks were playing around on the rug. Without any warning, Bella shot across the room and knocked into one of the bookcases (these things are floor to ceiling, eight feet high...big). The damn thing just exploded. A couple of hundred books slowly tipped out onto the floor. It was a strange, surreal slow motion kind of experience. There was some damage to a few of the books but it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. The bookcase is a loss.

However, it does get a bit stranger. Kevin has a gold pocket watch that is kept in a glass bell jar. And I have a wrist watch from my grandfather that are (were) on that shelf. The glass jar apparently hit the thick, wool rug and then rolled onto the wood...didn't break; and the watch was fine. But, the band on my wrist watch broke into several pieces...who knew?? So, I'll have to take it to the jeweler and have it fixed.

I'm sure Bella must have sustained brain damage.

Anyway, back to the princes. It came to pass that the younger prince fell in love with a beautiful girl. He would, on occasion, take her into his room but this angered his mother so that she pounded her fists on the door and demanded that he come out with his love lest he be arrested for statutory rape. Eventually, he married the girl and they moved to a sunny and warm clime far to the south and west.

The intervening events are really rather inane so I'll skip those.

After much anticipation, a babe was born to the couple. (By this time the prince was no longer a prince.) The baby boy was adored by his grandparents. To paraphrase Francoise Sagan, "They have loved to the point of madness; that which is called madness but which to them, is the only sensible way to love." The boy was most assuredly a prince...and it appeared likely that he might even remain a prince for the entirety of his life. There was nothing at all that was too extravagant or too precious nor too costly for the youngest prince.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Princes continued...sort of

Now, the elder prince developed a friendship with another prince. Their stories were very similar and they got on marvelously. And even though the elder prince had hoped that the relationship might develop into something more, it did not but he was more than content to have his friend. In fact, this other prince became one of the best friends that he'd ever known.

There came a time when it became necessary that the princes go their own way and find out who and what they really were. Neither of them would be princes forever. The other prince fell in love and knew what he wanted to become and did not lose sight or faith. He became what he saw for himself and even though his love had spoiled, he found love again. It did not take long before the other prince realized that the person he had wished to become was not within the life that he was living. He found another love and this love accepted him, prince or no prince.

Meanwhile, the elder prince still struggled. It was many years before the friends found each other again. In fact, enough time had passed that each was no longer a prince but their friendship was not based on their status and had endured. The elder still struggled and the other tried with all of the vast knowledge that he'd managed to accumulate to help his friend but it was not within the scope of his powers to do so. The elder still knew that it was his own lot to navigate his way. The other supported him and encouraged him in every way he knew. The elder knew that the other would love him regardless of his course but that did not dispel the fear and sadness that the elder held tightly within himself.

Monday, March 30, 2009

That wasn't at all transparent, was it???

Experimental Literature

I'm going to try something new. I have no idea where the idea came from so I hope I can be forgiven for whatever trite or negative karmic points I get for this...but, I'm going to try a short story.

The backwards format of the blog doesn't make for the best conduit for this but it's my blog, damn it and I'll do what I want!!

Once upon time, there were two princes. Each was very much loved and their parents wanted nothing but the best for them. So, each was encouraged to learn languages...three apiece. They were taught music...both theory and instruments. One chose the piano and the other chose the saxophone. They were encouraged in sporting events such as soccer, baseball, tennis, riding, skiing and the elder in golf. Literature was of paramount importance and each was endlessly read stories and encouraged to read anything and everything that struck their fancy. They were continually supported and loved beyond all measure. They were denied nothing.

There was a twist to this story, the princes' mother was raised as a princess herself but their father was not of royal birth. The boys' mother believed that children should be allowed to be children and the father believed that they should be taught responsibility. However, the father doted on his sons as well. There was no problem or issue that arose for the boys that their Daddy could not fix.

There came a time when the mother decided that the family should have a portrait to commemorate themselves. It was said by a friend of the boys that they looked like the princes they were but that it was too bad they had no kingdom. To the younger, this made no difference. He'd always been one to go his own way. However, to the elder, this meant that he'd have to fend for himself. This terrified him beyond all reason.

Both children had always been told that they were wonderful, intelligent and could do anything that their hearts desired. "Anything" tends to be a very long list.

The elder prince had a very difficult time in deciding what he may want to do with his life since he learned that he would not always be a prince. The younger knew exactly what he wanted to be but he did have some difficulty in adjusting to life as a common man and not a well-provided-for prince.

As the years went by, it became obvious that the princes would have difficulty adjusting to their new roles. While their Daddy continued to fix the impediments in their lives, they each continued to struggle. Each had his own battles but some they fought were common to both. Some, Daddy could not fix. Even with all of the resources at their command, Daddy and their mother could not lift all of the burdens that each of princes had to face. (It must be noted, however, that most of these hurdles where placed by the princes themselves.)

To this day, the princes continue to struggle with the reality that they are NOT, in fact, princes but ordinary men that must fend for themselves. While their Daddy will continue to endeavour to make their lives as trouble free as possible, he cannot (and ultimately should not) fix all of the obstacles that his sons must face. They will love him no less for this and will of course, when needs be, depend on him to come to their aid and "fix it". Their mother, the princess, will always love them no matter what they may do or become.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I've had a humbling experience in that I've learned that my sense of humor can, quite often, be taken the wrong way. I posted that according to Kevin, I haven't been right since 1997. This is a joke that I've said out loud on a few occasions but that it can most certainly be taken the wrong way and cast Kevin in a bad light. That was certainly NOT my intent. I think it's funny but I guess, sometimes funny can hurt.

A lot of people keep a blog as a journal. I very dear friend of mine does and has been recognized for it. It has never been my intent for this to replace a private journal. I have chosen to keep it public, for whatever that's worth. That decision has caused some confusion in that I've often been tempted to vent in an attempt at catharsis but I've resisted that in favor keeping things on a more even keel. Obviously, the last days with Nellie were not exactly light but they were true feelings and that's the closest I've come.

I received my first fan message via Facebook yesterday (regarding the anthology)...it was very humbling, appreciated and really kind of fun.