Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Questions and Answers

So, I've recently been given a list of questions to answer. Some are easy but some required a bit more thought. One of these was "what would your best friend say about you?"...that one definitely fits into the more thought category. Before I could answer that, I'd have to figure out who my best friend is. There is an apparent, easy answer but scratching the surface, the matter becomes more muddy. In the traditional sense, I have the "friend" that is closest to me...certainly a best friend. However, I also have Kevin. More than a mere "friend" but he certainly fits all of the criteria. My parents?? Not traditionally included in that list but again, certainly they fit. My sibling? My dogs? Best friend from high school? Best friend from college? Best friend from work?

I'm really not sure how to qualify the title of "best friend" so...I hope that all of the people/quasi-people on that long list would tag me with the attributes of: kind, loving, thoughtful, supportive, a good listener, funny, etc etc etc. But that's not really the kind of thing that you can go up and ask someone without looking a little compliment hungry. So, I prefer to go through life believing that the people I love love me just as much.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Okay, so, I've been away from this for a LONG time. However, as some of you may know (and by some I mean nobody), my parental units are living abroad again so the primary form of communication is email. I recently relayed a story that my mother thought was funny enough to post on my blog. I figured, why not. So here is the initial entry in my blogging comeback.

I do need to provide a bit of backstory however. When in the U.K. and ordering fish-n-chips (especially in the more backwater areas), they ask if you want brown sauce. The first time I encountered this question, I asked what it was and received only a blank stare. I like to be adventurous and immerse myself in local culture so I said "sure". I liked the brown sauce and always asked for it with my fish-n-chips. However, since it's a bit of an enigma with the Brits, I sure as hell was never able to describe it, much less find it, in the States.

My partner and I went grocery shopping last weekend when I made a WONDERFUL discovery. What follows is the conversation regarding said discovery:

Me: Hey Kev...
Me: Hey Kev...
Me: Yo Kevin!!!
Kev: What?
Me: Look what I found.
Kev: What is it?
Me: Brown Sauce.
Kev: What is it?
Me: Brown Sauce.
Kev: Okay, what IS it?
Me: I don't know...Brown Sauce.
Kev: What's it made of?
Me: I DON'T know...it's Brown Sauce.
Kev: What do you do with it?
Me: Put it on fish.
Kev: What's it taste like?
Me: Brown Sauce.

At that point, he turned around and left. I suppose the moral of the story is that Brown Sauce is only a WONDERFUL discovery to those familiar with the wonderfulness of Brown Sauce. I'm still stoked despite the lackluster response. I'll post Kevin's response after I convince him to taste it.