Monday, March 30, 2009

Experimental Literature

I'm going to try something new. I have no idea where the idea came from so I hope I can be forgiven for whatever trite or negative karmic points I get for this...but, I'm going to try a short story.

The backwards format of the blog doesn't make for the best conduit for this but it's my blog, damn it and I'll do what I want!!

Once upon time, there were two princes. Each was very much loved and their parents wanted nothing but the best for them. So, each was encouraged to learn languages...three apiece. They were taught music...both theory and instruments. One chose the piano and the other chose the saxophone. They were encouraged in sporting events such as soccer, baseball, tennis, riding, skiing and the elder in golf. Literature was of paramount importance and each was endlessly read stories and encouraged to read anything and everything that struck their fancy. They were continually supported and loved beyond all measure. They were denied nothing.

There was a twist to this story, the princes' mother was raised as a princess herself but their father was not of royal birth. The boys' mother believed that children should be allowed to be children and the father believed that they should be taught responsibility. However, the father doted on his sons as well. There was no problem or issue that arose for the boys that their Daddy could not fix.

There came a time when the mother decided that the family should have a portrait to commemorate themselves. It was said by a friend of the boys that they looked like the princes they were but that it was too bad they had no kingdom. To the younger, this made no difference. He'd always been one to go his own way. However, to the elder, this meant that he'd have to fend for himself. This terrified him beyond all reason.

Both children had always been told that they were wonderful, intelligent and could do anything that their hearts desired. "Anything" tends to be a very long list.

The elder prince had a very difficult time in deciding what he may want to do with his life since he learned that he would not always be a prince. The younger knew exactly what he wanted to be but he did have some difficulty in adjusting to life as a common man and not a well-provided-for prince.

As the years went by, it became obvious that the princes would have difficulty adjusting to their new roles. While their Daddy continued to fix the impediments in their lives, they each continued to struggle. Each had his own battles but some they fought were common to both. Some, Daddy could not fix. Even with all of the resources at their command, Daddy and their mother could not lift all of the burdens that each of princes had to face. (It must be noted, however, that most of these hurdles where placed by the princes themselves.)

To this day, the princes continue to struggle with the reality that they are NOT, in fact, princes but ordinary men that must fend for themselves. While their Daddy will continue to endeavour to make their lives as trouble free as possible, he cannot (and ultimately should not) fix all of the obstacles that his sons must face. They will love him no less for this and will of course, when needs be, depend on him to come to their aid and "fix it". Their mother, the princess, will always love them no matter what they may do or become.

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