Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Princes continued...sort of

Now, the elder prince developed a friendship with another prince. Their stories were very similar and they got on marvelously. And even though the elder prince had hoped that the relationship might develop into something more, it did not but he was more than content to have his friend. In fact, this other prince became one of the best friends that he'd ever known.

There came a time when it became necessary that the princes go their own way and find out who and what they really were. Neither of them would be princes forever. The other prince fell in love and knew what he wanted to become and did not lose sight or faith. He became what he saw for himself and even though his love had spoiled, he found love again. It did not take long before the other prince realized that the person he had wished to become was not within the life that he was living. He found another love and this love accepted him, prince or no prince.

Meanwhile, the elder prince still struggled. It was many years before the friends found each other again. In fact, enough time had passed that each was no longer a prince but their friendship was not based on their status and had endured. The elder still struggled and the other tried with all of the vast knowledge that he'd managed to accumulate to help his friend but it was not within the scope of his powers to do so. The elder still knew that it was his own lot to navigate his way. The other supported him and encouraged him in every way he knew. The elder knew that the other would love him regardless of his course but that did not dispel the fear and sadness that the elder held tightly within himself.

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