Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bella...hell hound or cuddle bunny????

So, I finally have a picture of Bella to post. She really is a sweet dog...when she's not barking, and jumping on me and trying to bite me. She doesn't do those things to Kevin so it's so sort of game that she's come up with for me. One of us is still going home around lunch (today it's my turn) to make sure that she's walked and hopefully doesn't do anything naughty in the house. Lately, she's been very good about being good. (knock on wood!!!!!) She's had a couple of accidents recently but we think they had much more to do with a urinary infection than not knowing that she's supposed to piss outside. There for a while, Kevin was convinced that he wanted to throw her into a dumpster...I think he's finally given over on that.
She has developed this thing about hopping around on the bed when I'm trying to make it. Apparently, it's great fun to get in the way and make it almost impossible to take care of the bed. I try walking away and when she comes after me, I turn around and run back to get as much made as possible before she hops back up and then start over again. Of course, Kevin pointed out that I've made the game even more fun for her. But then again, if one where to ask Kevin, I haven't done anything right since sometime around 1997. But I'm sure that date is wrong :)


timothyjlambert said...

Aw. Bella looks wicked cute. And her brindle coat looks very designery. ;-)

'Nathan Burgoine said...

She's adorable. Also, "hello!" Wanted to pass along that I really enjoyed 'A View.'