Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Another Day

Things have been a bit rough at the POD these days. I only have about three months left before I'm unemployed. I've been going through Career Buildings and Hot Jobs, etc but there just isn't anything that I seem to be qualified for. I'd make more on unemployment than I would working for McDonalds or Wendy's...but when that runs out, I'm certainly not too proud to take a job working fast food. The first job I ever had was at Nordstrom when I was 18. After that, I worked at KFC for almost a year. So, I've done the food service industry thing before. Honestly, I'd really rather not do it again...but I would. I do think that everyone should HAVE to at some point in their life; just so that they know what it's like and not be such douche bags to the folks stuck behind the counter. (Incidentally, and not to sound like a snob, I also think that everyone should go to Paris once in their life...not that it would come close to explaining why the Parisians are such douche bag dildos. The rest of the French aren't like that. Most are nice people.)

So, I've been thinking of all of the projects that I'll do while unemployed. Scrub the walls, touch up the paint, finish my sewing projects, I'd like to finish one of the novels that I've started, get the attic organized...then there are the everyday things like cleaning the house, cooking dinner, ironing and laundry. I don't know what kind of house frau I'll make but it will be kind of fun to find out. We're trying to get as much paid off as possible before July and have all sorts of schemes involving the pay out for my annual leave and shuffling money around. I think we'll be alright but it will certainly be tight. No Prada shoes or Armani jeans. One of my big goals, however, is to go to the gym everyday...religiously. However, I have enough "skinny" clothes in storage from before I gained 45 pounds that I won't have to worry about a new wardrobe. In fact, I have at least three wardrobes...the one I'm wearing now...let's call it the "fat" suite. Then there's the "in between" suite...that's fairly small and not too designery. (I don't know if that's a word but let's go with it.) Then there's the "skinny" clothes. When I was 45 pounds lighter, I bought all sorts of wonderful things by the most wonderful designers. Anyone who really knows this stuff and pays attention to it will recognize that they are a couple of years old but I don't care. If I can fit into Armani, Burberry, Kenneth Cole and Prada again...life would be SWEET!!!! That doesn't make me shallow and vapid...does it??

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