Thursday, March 26, 2009


I've had a humbling experience in that I've learned that my sense of humor can, quite often, be taken the wrong way. I posted that according to Kevin, I haven't been right since 1997. This is a joke that I've said out loud on a few occasions but that it can most certainly be taken the wrong way and cast Kevin in a bad light. That was certainly NOT my intent. I think it's funny but I guess, sometimes funny can hurt.

A lot of people keep a blog as a journal. I very dear friend of mine does and has been recognized for it. It has never been my intent for this to replace a private journal. I have chosen to keep it public, for whatever that's worth. That decision has caused some confusion in that I've often been tempted to vent in an attempt at catharsis but I've resisted that in favor keeping things on a more even keel. Obviously, the last days with Nellie were not exactly light but they were true feelings and that's the closest I've come.

I received my first fan message via Facebook yesterday (regarding the anthology) was very humbling, appreciated and really kind of fun.

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Nathan Burgoine said...


Speaking of said anthology, for kicks, I've been doing some recreational re-creations.

Yours is up, as of today: Here.